City Administrator


The city administrator, who is appointed by the City Council, ensures policy decisions made by the City Council are executed. Additional duties include:

  • Apprising City Council of all city matters
  • Assuring delivery of public services in the most efficient manner
  • Attending City Council meetings and other meetings as necessary
  • Managing the city budget
  • Overseeing day-to-day operations of the city
  • Promoting community-based projects
  • Representing the city in a variety of venues

Goal Statement

It is the goal of the city administrator to improve the service and program capabilities of the City of Muscatine through the effective and efficient forecasting and planning of financial, manpower, and material needs of the city; to assist the City Council in developing the city needs in services and programs; and to implement such services and programs established by the City Council through continual evaluation of the organizational structure of the city.

Monthly Updates to the Citizens of Muscatine

This report from each department within the City of Muscatine is produced monthly and reflects activity and accomplishments from the previous month. View Our Monthly Reports.

Past City Administrator Updates

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