Police Explorers Program

Explorer Post 9095

The Muscatine Police Department proudly sponsors Police Explorer Post 9095 where young adults from our community can interact with and learn about the functions of law enforcement in general and the Muscatine Police Department specifically.

Program Objectives

As a sponsor of the Explorer program the Muscatine Police Department offers young adults the opportunity to experience the everyday life of a police officer. It also gives them the chance to explorer law enforcement as a career opportunity. Explorers are offered some of the same types of training that a Muscatine Police officer has during the course of his/her career.

Law Enforcement Exploring

Ride Along Program

Once the Explorer has received certain types of training and has shown a level of proficiency he/she will be allowed to ride with an officer during the officer's shift. Explorers are often times called upon to assist the department with things like crowd and traffic control during special events during the year such as Great River Days and the 4th of July.

Program Requirements

Law Enforcement Exploring is open to young adults ages 14 (graduated from 8th grade) through age 20. Due to the sensitive nature of law enforcement operations the Muscatine Police Department has also established additional eligibility standards for Explorer candidates. Below you will find links to the forms needed for a candidate to be considered for the Post. When the forms are completed they can be dropped off or mailed to the Muscatine Police Department, care of Officer Joe Bryant. In the case of minors, the forms listed below are also required to include the signature of the candidates parent or legal guardian. The candidate will be contacted once the background check is completed.

All forms must be turned in or mailed together before the candidate may be considered for assignment to the Muscatine Police Department Explorer Post.