Stormwater Operations


The Stormwater Operations Division, functioning within the Public Works Department, has been established to assist the City of Muscatine as it faces the dual challenge of maintaining its aging stormwater infrastructure in the older portion of the City and overseeing an expanding drainage system in developing areas.

The division provides funding for the construction of needed stormwater improvements, as well as operates and maintains all existing and future facilities.

Water Management Projects

The division utilizes funds for stormwater management projects needed by the City. These projects help maintain and improve the existing stormwater system, as well as improve water quality in all of the streams throughout Muscatine.

Upcoming Projects

Proposed funding will allow for work to begin on:

  • Creating an inventory of the stormwater collection system components
  • Maintaining and repairing those water collection system components
  • Implementing several best management practices required by the Phase II regulations
  • Preventing future erosion damage
  • Completing projects from the City's Capital Improvement Projects list
  • Repairing current erosion damage