Field Training Program

Two officers looking at paperworkThe Muscatine Police Department's Field Training Program is intensive, hands-on training that all new officers are required to complete upon graduation from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. It is structured and organized training which is broken down into 4 steps or phases that contain "Training Tasks". Each training task is a set of instructions on how to complete the normal functions of the police department. Probationary Officers must master each task in the Step before moving on to the next. As Probationary Officers advance through the training they are expected to take on more and more of the daily work load. In this way the Probationary Officer is allowed an opportunity to learn at his/her own pace while realizing the level at which he/she is expected to perform. Through the use of daily and weekly evaluations the officer and his FTO can work together to ensure that the training is effective and useful.

Becoming an FTO is completely voluntary and officers wishing to become an FTO must be self motivated, have a solid work record and able to work well in a team environment. Potential FTO candidates are reviewed by the entire FTO cadre. Only officers that have demonstrated the above listed work characteristics are considered for the position. Field Training Officers are vital to the function of the department as we rely on them to education the next generation of Muscatine Police Officer.