Bus Passenger Tips

Along the Fixed Routes, MuscaBus allows passengers to flag a bus in order to board the bus. Standing at a MuscaBus sign is best when waiting for the bus, but it is not required. When you see the bus coming, signal the driver by facing the bus and waving at the driver to let them know you want the bus to stop. You must be standing in a location that the driver can see you as the bus approaches. You need to be standing on the side of the street that you will board the bus. The driver will stop in a safe location. Stay back from the curb a few feet for your safety. Wait for anyone getting off the bus before you get on.

The following activities are NOT allowed on the bus:

1. Smoking or spitting

2. Radio playing so that others can hear it

3. Obscene or offensive language or behavior

4. Eating or drinking by passengers

5. Harassing behavior, rowdiness or fighting

The following items are NOT allowed on the bus:

1. Gasoline or any flammable liquids

2. Firearms, air guns or weapons

3. Open or exposed knives

4. Open alcoholic beverages

5. Toxic or illegal materials

6. Animals (except service animals)

7. Grocery wagon carts.