Pearls of Progress Project

A Muscatine Community Improvement Project

This joint project of the City of Muscatine and Muscatine County, will make Muscatine a more attractive place to live, work, play, visit and do business. This project is composed of four critical components for enriching the vitality of our community for its residents of all ages: the Musser Public LIbrary & HNI Community Center, the Westside Trail, the Community Dog Park, and the Deep Lakes Park Cabins. These four components of the project have been bundled together in order to leverage the impact of contributions.

The total cost of the Pearls of Progress Project is $8.09 million. More than 88 percent of the funding needed for this project has already been contributed by local businesses, local philanthropic foundations, the City, the County, the Federal government, and donations from private individuals. A $500,000 Community Attraction and Tourism grant from the State of Iowa has been awarded contingent on the remaining fundraising gap being closed by November 15, 2017, leaving $420,000 still needed to make this project a reality. The Kent Corporation Foundation announced October 9, 2017, that they were committed to matching dollar for dollar all contributions to the Pearls of Progress Project. This means approximately $210,000 must be raised from the community by November 15 or else the $500,000 awarded in the CAT grant will be revoked.

How can you help

Your contribution of any size is needed to close the $210,000 gap and make the project happen. The leveraged approach of this project maximizes the impact of every dollar donated, as the $210,000 that is being sought will result in more than $8.09 million of improvements to the community. 

All donations are tax deductible and will be matched by the Kent Corporation Foundation.

Click on the following link for the Pearls of Progress brochure that contains instructions on how you can donate to the successful completion of this project.

Pearls of Progress (PDF)