Economic Programs

Along the shores of the mighty Mississippi River, Muscatine is the perfect location to start, grow, and thrive with a restaurant, a retail establishment, or a service business. Muscatine is a rare gem ... multifaceted, gritty, resilient, naturally beautiful, and completely unique with a fascinating history and inspiring future. The Department of Community Development offers a variety of programs to assist business owners small and large from a variety of forgivable loan programs to programs to assist with building improvements. Contact the Community Development staff for more information.

Grandview Corridor Business Assistance Program

The City of Muscatine is opening round two of a forgivable loan program to assist small businesses significantly impacted by street reconstruction work on and along the Grandview Avenue Corridor who also continue to be impacted by the pandemic.

Grandview Neighborhood Grant Program

The City of Muscatine has announced the establishment of the Grandview Neighborhood Grant Program. The goal of the program is to promote neighborhood activities and other projects that build on community pride and connection in the south end of Muscatine.

Small Business Forgivable Loan

 The City of Muscatine is offering Small Business Forgivable Loans for building improvements and startup cost associated with the creation of a New Business or to existing businesses significantly expanding into a new market, product or service. 

Tax Abatement Program

Urban revitalization or tax abatement is a tool to encourage economic development by providing incentives for new construction or for the expansion of existing facilities. An Urban Revitalization Area may include the entire city or designated areas of the city. Essentially, tax abatement is the temporary reduction of property taxes on the improvements made to an existing property. The owner would still have to pay the amount owed for taxes pre-improvement, but may qualify for decreased taxes on the improvements.