Pet Licensing


Licensing provides pets with needed identification and provides the community with the peace of mind that the animal is properly vaccinated and has an owner. Animals without tags are considered stray and are at risk of being stolen or unidentifiable in the instance of an accident. Keeping your pet’s license current and attached to their collar provides them with a greater chance of a safe return home in the instance they become lost. 

The City Code of Muscatine requires that all dogs or cats be registered and licensed by the city. A pet license runs concurrently with the pet's rabies vaccination. The pet license is required to be renewed annually with each yearly rabies vaccination. If your pet has received a 2- or 3-year vaccination, you must renew your pet license annually or pay the multiple years of license fees at the time of registration.

It is the responsibility of the owner to present proof that the pet being registered has been altered. The pet licensing requirement applies to all pets over six (6) months of age. It excludes owners of seeing-eye dogs or owners who are confined to a wheelchair. Both are exempt from paying the pet fee; however, they are still required to register their animals with the City of Muscatine.


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To view City Code on Pet Licensing click HERE

Commercial Breeders

Commercial breeders that hold a commercial breeders license or certificate, if federally licensed and have a State of Iowa Sales Tax certificate, are exempt. However, commercial breeders are required to pay an annual commercial breeder's fee of $40 to the City of Muscatine. Commercial breeders are also required to have proof of rabies vaccinations. A person who owns or harbors three or less breeding males or females is not a commercial breeder. This must be completed in person at Muscatine City Hall.

Vaccination Requirements

All dogs and cats 6 months of age and older are required to have a rabies vaccination.

Transferring Licenses

Licenses/tags are not transferable from one pet to another or from one owner to another. If a pet is sold, given away, or dies this should be reported to Pet Data at 855-312-9069 and the new owner must license the pet in their name. Owners are responsible for providing PetData with this information. 


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For additional information, call PetData at 855-312-9069