Muscatine Police Officers Association (MPOA)

The Muscatine Police Officers Association is a fraternal organization within the Muscatine Police Department that is made up of active and retired members of the department, from the Chief of Police down to the newest officer. Though the MPOA is not officially part of the Muscatine Police Department, it does pride itself on working to help advance the departments mission of serving the community where ever possible.

Formed in 1934 as a local affiliate of the Iowa State Police Association, the MPOA was only the 6th such group in Iowa to join the new state association. In the years since then the ISPA has grown to become the largest association of law enforcement professionals in Iowa and the MPOA has grown with it.

MPOA 6 Patch

The MPOA Mission

  • To foster and contribute to charitable, civic, patriotic and fraternal organizations and activities, with a specific emphasis on those involving youth.
  • To promote and sponsor Law Enforcement Memorial Week and other activities that will increase community awareness of the dangers associated with police work.
  • To promote goodwill between this association and the community it serves.

Our Programs

The MPOA intentionally and purposefully focuses its efforts towards the youth in our community.All too often young people suffer the most from poor decisions or bad choices made by the people in their lives. Therefore, any program or event that fosters or supports the youth of our community is of interest to the MPOA.

Just a few of the youth related programs that the MPOA proudly supports or helps to sponsor are:

  • Muscatine Girls Softball
  • Muscatine High School Athletics
  • Muscatine Little League
  • Muscatine Police Explorers
  • Shop With A Cop
  • Youth Sports Foundation
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