Skate Park

Muscatine Skate Park

The Muscatine Skate Park opened during the summer of 2003 and is located at Musser Park. This park offers the Muscatine Community an opportunity to use their skateboards, roller blades and BMX bikes in an environment where they can improve their skills in a place designed for that purpose. The park includes parking for up to 27 vehicles, a flat track and a fenced area with a 100-by-100-foot stunt area and a 90-by-50-foot in-line hockey rink. The obstacle / stunt area has a concrete surface with a variety of steel ramps.

Park Hours

5 am - 11 pm
Lights will shut off automatically at 11 pm.

Notice: The City of Muscatine does not accept responsibility for injury to persons or damage to property of participants or spectators resulting from games and/or activities held in this area.