City Officials

Information on the City Council and Mayor

The City of Muscatine is governed by a mayor and 7 City Council members. The mayor serves for a 2-year term and is elected at large by the citizens of Muscatine. Of the 7 council members, five (5) are elected from separate wards in the City of Muscatine and two (2) are elected at large to represent the entire community (Ward and Precinct Map (PDF)). The council members are elected for four-year staggered terms.

Each odd-numbered year, the mayor and council members are elected by the voters.

The names of the City Council/Mayor candidates for the current city election are available at the Muscatine County Auditor's office. You can contact them by email or by calling 563-263-5821.

Legislative & Policy Forming Powers

All legislative and policy-forming powers of the City are vested in, exercised, and determined by the City Council. The City Council appoints a city administrator to carry out the policies formulated by the council, in addition to other duties prescribed by the City Code.