Project Updates

  1. 2017 Construction Season
  2. 2018 Construction Season

UPDATE (11-22-17) - Project managers for the City of Muscatine and KE Flatworks have set a tentative date for the reopening of Mississippi Drive from Iowa Avenue to Broadway. That date is Friday, December 8.

Once the reconstructed roadway is reopened, crews will move barricades to close off Phase III of the project (Iowa Avenue to Mulberry Avenue). The intersections of Sycamore, Walnut, and Cedar will be closed along with the Cedar Street railroad crossing. However, work will stop short of Mulberry Avenue which will allow HNI continued access for the time being.

Underground contractor KMA Excavating and KE Flatworks will begin tearing up the pavement and begin the underground work on Monday, December 11.

“We are hoping to have the underground work complete before the spring rains and possible flooding,” Bill Haag, project manager for the City of Muscatine, said. “We will also be raising the roadway quite a bit before we can replace the pavement so the more work we can accomplish before spring and the possibility of flooding, the better.”

Signal crews from the Canadian Pacific Railroad have been on site this week to prepare for the installation of new cross arms. Once the site has been prepared, the new cross arms will be installed at the Iowa Avenue intersection, the crews will move on down to the Cedar Street crossing to complete work there. The Iowa Avenue crossing is projected to be completed by December 18 with the Cedar Street crossing by the end of the year.

The installation is one of the key steps towards the implementation of the “Quiet Zone”, a coordinated effort by Canadian Pacific and the City of Muscatine that has train engines not sounding their horns from upriver of the Iowa 92 bridge to downriver of Carver Corner.

Temporary fencing is also scheduled to be installed next week at the pedestrian crossings including the one at Chestnut Street while the sidewalk at the Iowa Avenue crossing will not be completed until after the cross arms are installed.

KE Flatworks has been busy this week and will be kept busy, as weather permits, putting the final touches on the first two phases of the reconstruction project. The final major pour of Phase I and Phase II is scheduled for Friday when the parking area in front of The Contrary Brewery will be poured. Concrete will also be poured in the median from Linn Street to Broadway and eventually pour the sidewalks from Linn Street to the bluffs.