Public Works


The Public Works Department has 75 employees and 10 divisions, making it the largest city department. Some divisions and functions of the department include:

  • Building and Grounds- Maintaining the many public buildings and grounds visited daily by Muscatine residents and business people
  • Engineering-Managing and designing projects, and participating in planning the community's future
  • Equipment Services- Ensuring more than 250 pieces of motorized equipment and rolling stock are fleet ready daily
  • Public Transit- offering public transportation to all of Muscatine's citizens through the MuscaBus program. Contact MuscaBus at 563-263-8152 for more information.
  • Roadway Maintenance-Designing, constructing, and maintaining streets
  • Sewer Collection and Drainage- Providing a healthy and safe environment for the entire community by ensuring a functional sewer infrastructure
  • Solid Waste Division - Collecting refuse daily, transporting it to the city's transfer station, and ultimately disposing of waste at the landfill - Call Transfer Station at 563-263-9689 for more information.

These divisions work harmoniously because of the administrative network linking them together.