Responsible Pet Ownership

Animal Care

Excerpts from City Code of Muscatine

  • An owner is responsible for the humane care and treatment of their pet including providing adequate food and water, indoor and outdoor shelter, protection from the weather. adequate sanitation and space, and adequate veterinary care.
  • No person shall beat, cruelly treat, torment, overload, overwork, or otherwise abuse an animal.
  • No owner of an animal shall abandon such animal.
  • No person shall expose any known poisonous substance, whether mixed with food or not, that is liable to be eaten by a domestic animal.
  • No person shall tether an animal
    • With a tether that is less than 10 feet in length or more than 50 feet in length.
    • With a tether that does not have swivels on both ends to prevent twisting.
    • With a tether that contains chain links more than one-quarter of an inch thick, or that has weights attached.
    • WIth a tether that exceeds 1/8 of the dog's weight.
    • With a tether that has a collar made of metal or chain. or use a collar designed to tighten when pulled tightly.
    • And leave unattended continuously for more than four hours in any given 24-hour period.
    • And allow the animal to still have access to a public sidewalk or street.
    • To a utility pole, parking meter, building,strucure, fech, sign, treet, bush, bench, newspaper or advertising rck, or other object on public property.
    • In an unsafe location or in extreme weather conditions.
    • In such a way that the animal may become entangled with another tethered animal.

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