Public Safety Building

Early in 1972, the City of Muscatine decided to explore the feasibility of constructing a building which would combine the Police, fire, civil defense, and rescue operations. In April 1972, the city retained Durrant, Deininger, Dommer, Kramer and Gordon, architects of Dubuque, Iowa for this work. The preliminary design report was completed and adopted by Council November 1972. On February 12, 1974, an $800,000 bond referendum was approved by Muscatine voters, completing the financing program for the building. On July 18, 1974, a contract was awarded to Vigo M. Jensen, Iowa city, to construct the Public safety Building. The project was completed and occupied by city public safety personnel in April 1976.

The building contains modern facilities for the Muscatine Emergency and Rescue Unity, a volunteer organization, supported by the United Way of Muscatine; the Muscatine Police Department, Central Fire Station; and the county/Municipal Civil Defense Emergency Operating Center. Funds to finance the project were received from the Federal General Revenue Sharing Program, Defense Civil Preparedness Agency grants, a bond issue and other city monies.

Completion of the building enabled the Police department to move from inadequate facilities located in the basement of City Hall. The Fire Department was relocated out of a 100 year old building no longer suitable for use. The Muscatine Emergency and Rescue Unit was moved from the former Cherry Street Fire Station.

The Public Safety Building is designed to meet all future requirements for the Central Fire Station, as well as space and manpower requirements of the Police Department. The total size of the building is 30,320 square feet. A unique characteristic of the building is the several multi-use areas available for Police, fire, rescue unit and civil defense personnel.

An outstanding feature of the building is the modern communication center which combines the radio and telephone facilities of all city public safety personnel. This center also includes the 9-1-1 emergency telephone systems, placed into operation when the building was opened for use.

The building also contains a large meeting room located in the basement which is used by all public safety personnel. In addition, this room is available, without charge, to any civic or local organization. Persons interested in using this building are requested to contact 263.9922.

City of Muscatine
Mayor Evelyn L. Schauland
City Administrator Charles W. Coates
City Councilmen: Mr. Wayne Garrett
Mr. Richard Waltman
Mr. Harold Vischer
Mr. Patrick Hopewell
Mr. John Duncan
Mr. Larry Kemp
Mr. A.M. Thorton

Former City Officials
Mayor E.S. "Kelly" Burns
Mayor Ronald H. Hanson
City Councilmen: Mr. Lyle Hinman
Mr. Robert McFadden
Mr. William Angell
Mr. Harold Peters

Civil Defense Director Earl Jones
Police Chief Donald W. Hogan
Fire Chief Paul Ziegenhorn
Emergency and Rescue Unit Director Omri Taylor
Total Project Costs: $1,866,681 (estimated 2009 cost $6,645,384)
Architect: Durrant, Deininger, Dommer, Kramer and Gordon, Dubuque, Iowa
General Contractor: Viggo Jensen, Iowa city, Iowa
Electrical Contractor: Cassabaum Corporation, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Mechanical Contractor: One Trip Plumbers, Inc., Davenport, Iowa