For Sale - City Owned Vacant Lots  

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Periodically, the City of Muscatine acquires properties through various means and when these properties are no longer required for a public use, the City may sell these properties to a member of the public via a sealed bid process in accordance with adopted policies.  Conditions that further City goals may be required for the purchase of any single property; these will be identified in the request for bid for each individual parcel. 

Conditions of Sale: Typically all improvements (rehabilitation or construction) shall be initiated within 60 days and completed within 180 days of approval of he sale by the City Council;  with new construction to begin within 180 days of approval.  However, depending on the time of purchase and proposed activity these timeframes may be negotiated prior to the closing. An extension of 180 days may be granted if significant progress is made.  Failure to meet time frame may result in forfeiture of purchase.  New construction and rehab shall be subject to review, approval, and inspection of structure for all required permits and codes.  All adjacent lots shall be combined as required within thirty(30) days of sale with the County Assessor's Office. 

Placing a Bid for City Owned Property
      * On the day of the auction each bidder shall submit a written bid in a sealed envelope containing a deposit in the form of a certified check or             cashier's check in the amount of $1,000 or the minimum bid amount, whichever is less.  Deposits should be made payable to the City of                   Muscatine, and in a second envelope with the name of the bidder identified on the outside of the envelope.
      * The bidder shall also include a detailed plan and schedule for development of the property, including the intended use. Plans should provide           as much detail as possible. 
      * Bids will be opened at the specified bid opening date and time, and will be followed by an auction.  The auction will start with the lowest                   bidder, and each bidder will be given the opportunity to successively raise their bid in an amount which is higher than the current highest bid           in inrements of not less than $500.00.  This procedure will continue until the highest bid is obtained.  Failure to bid in any given round will                 not prevent re-entering the bidding process at a later time.  Unsuccessful bidder's checks will be returned when the auction closes. 
      * Bidding increments and deposits are subject to change based on the property being sold.  Please double check the specific bid procedures.

Please contact the Community Development Department with questions regarding properties listed for sale or the sale process.